Thank you to the following people who made this website possible:


Linda Henry

Site Development

Linda Henry, of Laughing Water Media, hosts the site and provides specialized on-line technology, development, and maintenance. For information and to contact Linda, visit: Laughing Water Media


Lori Henry

Site Content

Lori Henry, an organizational development consultant and owner of LBHenry & Company, provides content for the website and the John Baker Iditarod Update Facebook fan page.


Eric Brower, Idita-rider

Race Analyst

Joe Runyan provided analysis about the 2010-2011 Iditarod Sled Dog Race and offered his perspective on John Baker’s progress during the race.


Robyn Westlake

Site Design & Development

Robyn Westlake, Creative Director, designs and updates the website.


Additional Credits

Others who have contributed include:

Iain Foulds, photography.

Todd Henry, technical support.